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Application Process

Application process

Step 1: Information Gathering
It is important that you find out more about Chiropractic First before applying for a position with us.
Visit our website at or attend anyone of our recruitment events and read the FAQs and country information before sending your application to us.

Step 2: Submit your CV
You will need to submit a detailed CV and attached a full-length photo of yourself.

You will receive a response that we received your application. Please contact us at if you do not receive a response within 24 hours. The hiring panel will then screen your application for suitability. All applicants will receive a response within 1 week of contacting us.

Step 3: Interviews
You will be invited for a Skype interview with our hiring panel members.

To get to know you, you will be invited to complete

1. Questionnaire (Q&A)

2. Online Personality profiling

3. Interview with CEO

Step 4: Term Sheet / Contract Discussion
Following a successful final interview, you will be invited to a term sheet / contract discussion via skype.

Option:We will give you an opportunity to speak to our current and past Doctors.

Step 5: Bootcamp Training
The 30-day intensive Bootcamp training in Singapore includes classroom training, clinic and mastery immersion and marketing.