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Back Pain

How to manage and relieve back pain

back pain

As many as one in three of us will suffer back pain each year. We often ignore this painful condition and write it off as a normal part of ageing, or the consequence of a modern lifestyle. Even if we do go to our GP, we are likely to be prescribed strong anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or be put through painful and stressful diagnostic tests only to be told that nothing is wrong with us.

In fact, an aching back is not normal or something we need to put up with. Complementary therapies can be effective in relieving pain and helping sufferers lead a normal, more comfortable life.

Causes of back pain.

Some people have spinal pain due to disease, congenital abnormality, physical injury or degenerative condition and can benefit from conventional medical treatment or even surgery. But most of us suffer pain resulting from small imbalances in the alignment of the spine and the tension of the surrounding muscles, which is unlikely to be identified by conventional medical tests. These imbalances can be caused by a sudden strain, such as lifting a heavy object, or by the long term wear and tear of poor posture or normal ageing. Emotional stress can even be a factor—stressed muscles are tense, and tense muscles can place strain on the spine.

It is important to remember that this pain is just as real and debilitating as any other and a proper holistic treatment program can bring significant relief.

Exercises for back pain relief

If you suffer from back pain, you might feel that exercise is what caused your problem in the first place. But actually there is strong evidence that a professionally designed regimen of therapeutic exercises can help strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture, meaning your daily activities will place less strain on the spine. In some cases this is enough to restore normal spinal function and allow the body to heal.

You can also add gentle leisure activities such as yoga, pilates or swimming to your routine, and many people like to use heat pads before and after exercise sessions to relax stiff muscles and provide natural pain relief.

If exercise alone is not giving you the relief you want, or if you want the best possible relief you may benefit from consulting a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic care can be a safe and effective method of back pain relief. In fact, in a controlled clinical trial, subjects who treated their pain with a combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy experienced significantly greater and longer lasting relief than subjects who used medication. Even if you have previously had back surgery, chiropractic care can help maximise your recovery.

Your chiropractor will make a holistic treatment plan tailored to your symptoms and goals which can involve a wide range of chiropractic techniques and complementary therapies. Most people report feeling relief after as few as 5 or 10 treatment sessions. You will also learn techniques for better movement and posture which will help to stop your pain returning. To find out more information about our back pain chiropractic services, contact Chiropractic First on (+44) 0161 819 2099, Leeds on (+44) 0113 293 3000 or Birmingham on (+44) 0121 634 3333. Alternatively, you can also book an appointment online.