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Headaches Image Sebastian Kaulitzki
Headaches and Chiropractics: How the Two Meet
How headaches can be cured by chiropractic treatment When you have a headache, what’s the first thing you do? Turn
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The Psychology of Making Healthier Choices
Judging from the popular media, many of us have something in common—a shared frustration. It’s the experience of wanting to
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Alcohol, Tobacco and Back Pain
Most people are aware that alcohol and tobacco can cause serious health problems. For example, there is a strong connection
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How To Get Your Kids Up And Moving
Busy school and family schedules leave kids little time for physical activity, while computers and television are often a much
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Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes
There’s a curious dynamic at work in youth sports these days. Maybe you’ve noticed? On the one hand, public health
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