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Bone & Joint

When the spine is properly curved, nutrient-rich fluid is “imbibed” or drawn into the discs by their “sponge-like bellows action,” promoting spinal balance and joint wear ability. However, when the spine has lost its curved shape, the discs are compressed and rich lubricating fluid is unable to penetrate. This causes pre-mature ageing in the form of stiff dry joints and the effects are debilitating.

To normalise the cervical curve, alleviate pain from joint stiffness and improve range of motion, we recommend the use of Posture Pump®. The Posture Pump® was invented & patented by a doctor with over 25 years of experience for home care of neck pain, back pain and stiffness.

Source Naturals® Hyaluronic Joint Complex

Glucosamine is a modified sugar molecule manufactured by cells in our body.

Collagen production requires Glucosamine. If our joint cells can make Glucosamine, then why do we need to take extra amounts? During joint degeneration and arthritis, the cartilage is destroyed. Manufacture of new cartilage cannot keep pace with the destruction. In severe joint damage, our body stops making Glucosamine.

Hyaluronic Joint Complex

The advantage of taking Glucosamine as a dietary supplement is that it can be taken up by our body cells to build more cartilage. Glucosamine is almost completely absorbed from our gut into the bloodstream.