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Case Studies


Narrowed Disc Space


Improved Disc Space


Mdm Chew does a lot of housework and as a result hurt her lower back while lifting a bamboo pole full of clothes out of the window. Initial x-rays show a reduction in disc space between the vertebrae in her lower back; she also experienced radiating pain down the back of her legs. She was given the option of surgery, but decided to try Spinal Decompression. After 24 sessions, she is no longer in pain whilst x-rays shows an improvement in disc space between the affected vertebrae.

MRI Scan

Disc Protrusion


Disc Protrusion Restored


Fred was suffering from back pain which kept him from getting out of bed. His MRI showed a herniated L5-S1 disc. After 15 sessions of Spinal Decompression, the pain was gone. After 20 sessions, he gained flexibility and significant reduction in his disc bulge is noted.