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Should Children Have Routine Spinal Checks?

Bedford chiropractor thinks routine spinal checks should be introduced for children

Children, youngsters, or toddlers, are seldom seen or heard in the same sentence as back pain. We associate back pain with older people yet it can strike us at any age. Today’s child is likely to get back pain from carrying heavy school bags from classroom to classroom. Playing computer games for a long time don’t help either. With this, Dr Surinder Sandhu is behind a call for children’s routine spinal checks.

The Bedfordshire chiropractor has thrown his weight behind a national campaign, led by the United Chiropractic Association. Known as Checking Future Adults, it shows how children can benefit from chiropractic treatment. This is the theme of this year’s Spinal Awareness Week, from the 15 – 19 May.

The UCA’s aim of routine spinal checks for children is about improving back health, and making trips to the chiropractor as normal as a trip to the dentist. It is also stated that chiropractic treatment helps people with asthma, bad headaches, neck pain, and blood pressure.

One UCA board member, Dr. Jonathan Clarke, said on the Bedford Today website: “Chiropractic isn’t symptom-based. It’s about enabling the individual – in this case the child – to function at their best.” Therefore, having routine spinal checks could stand them in good stead in class. In advance of any exams, a must before you sit your GCSEs or Key Stage Two tests.