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Lower Back Pain

Relieve the pain and discomfort in your lower back

Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain


Back pain can be debilitating and persistent, and recurrent for some. It can happen anywhere along the spine or pelvis but commonly occurs in the lower back and can include the pelvis. 

Back pain may start following a specific incident, such as lifting heavy objects or awkward bending. It may also develop gradually, from repetitive strain, poor posture and even muscular tension due emotional or work-related stress. Stressed muscles are tense, and tense muscles can place strain on the spine.

The aging process – wear and tear – may also contribute to back pain. The shock-absorbing intervertebral discs along the spine can narrow with age and this can cause stiffness, pain and loss in mobility.

Due to the complex and interrelated structure of the lower back, pelvis and leg, back pain can also be associated with other symptoms, such as leg pain or sciatica, which may be accompanied by pins and needles, tingling, numbness and weakness in part or all of the leg. This can occur when the nerves of the low back become irritated or pinched, usually due to slipped discs or wear and tear.


  • Sharp or dull pain in one or both sides of the back
  • Sharp or dull pain shooting down the legs and/or feet
  • Pain in between the shoulder blades
  • Pain from middle waist down into buttocks or back of the legs

Treatment and Care

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective method for back pain relief. Even if you have previously had back surgery, chiropractic care can help maximise and maintain your recovery.

Your chiropractor will do a full assessment (which may include x-rays) and subsequently create a treatment plan tailored to your symptoms and goals which can involve a wide range of chiropractic techniques and complementary therapies, aimed at improving joint mobility, restoring motion, and reducing muscle spasm to the upper and lower back. Most people report feeling relief after a few treatment sessions. You will also learn techniques for better movement and posture which may help prevent reoccurrence of your condition.

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“During my examination, l was shocked to see that my spine was not straight. After the doctors explanation, I understood why I was having my lower back problems. My review X-rays shows how much my spine has improved!"

Standing and sitting even for a short period of time would cause pain in my lower back.



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