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Poor Posture

Relieve the pain from poor posture

Poor Posture
Poor Posture


Posture is the window to the spine. Poor posture is usually developed from your lifestyle and habits, and the way you stand or sit, especially when performing repetitive task. Long periods of sitting or standing, long-term sedentary lifestyle, inadequate exercise and stress may cause certain spinal joints to change/shift out of its neutral position.

As we slouch when seated or hunch while standing, our bodies adapt and joints adopt a new position which the brain recognises as the ‘new normal’. Over time, the ligaments, muscles and joints change, setting further into this new position as normal, resulting in tension and discomfort along the spine. Individuals with postural changes are more susceptible to experiencing tightness, pain or restriction with time.


  • Hunched back
  • Tilted shoulders
  • Overarched lower back
  • Restriction in movement

Treatment and Care

Chiropractic treatment is aimed at improving your posture and quality of life. Some benefits of postural correction include improved blood circulation, better breathing, and reduction in pain.

As part of our initial consultation, your chiropractor will perform a postural assessment to help you understand the impact of your posture on your health and how it may be contributing to other symptoms.

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