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The functioning of the nervous system is largely responsible for overall health because it connects to every other part of the body. It is why a spinal injury can be devastating. Chiropractors are health care professionals who treat neuromuscular disorders by manipulating the spine to ensure it is working as required. By targeting the muscles and connective tissue in the spinal area, a chiropractor gets to the root of the condition instead of just dealing with the symptoms. At Chiropractor First, located in Guildhall Buildings in Birmingham, we guarantee quality services from top health professionals. You can count on working with an experienced chiropractor in Birmingham who is well-trained in spine adjustment techniques.

Treatments We Offer At Our Birmingham Clinic

Our Birmingham chiropractic clinic caters to the varied needs of individuals. Our treatment approach begins with an evaluation of the spinal area to check for vertebral subluxations. These are misalignments of the bones that can occur in the spine, hindering the communication of the brain and nervous system. A chiropractor will then correct the misalignment by adjusting the spine.

Whether you have been living with sciatica degenerative disc disease or suffer from chronic back and neck pain, our spinal decompression therapy is the best solution for you. The therapy involves the stretching of the spine to relieve pain.

Wholesome Care

Besides the corrective treatment we offer, patients get advice on how to improve their lifestyles to avoid recurring health issues. Some activities can end up aggravating medical conditions or interfering with their recovery processes. Also, many individuals work in environments that compromise the structural integrity of their spines. Our chiropractor in Birmingham is available to guide you on how to create a more ergonomic setting for the benefit of your spinal health.

We believe that restoring the integrity of the spine through adjustment can improve a person’s health significantly by relieving pain and enhancing the functioning of the nervous system. If you are in need of a chiropractor in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, come to Chiropractor First because we offer first-class holistic care.

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