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What To Expect From Spinal Adjustments

What to Expect After a Chiropractic Procedure

Spinal adjustment is a process by which the chiropractors use their hands to align the musculoskeletal structure of the body, particularly the spine. This process helps the body to heal without the need for surgery.

Spinal adjustment is primarily used as a way to help relieve pain in joints, muscles, and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons in the back. It can also help to restore joint movement that may be restricted due to trauma or poor sitting posture. The process is generally considered to be safe and effective.

Below are a few of the things you should expect after spinal adjustments.

spinal adjustments

Pain relief

A majority of patients always report instant pain relief after their first spinal adjustment. The level of relief varies among patients depending on factors such as the causes and severity of the condition among many others. You may also feel more relaxed with increased vitality. If, for example, you have difficulties walking, you may be able to even run without any problem. However, all this may be temporary as it takes time before the vertebrae can be permanently restored to correct alignment. The chiropractor will advise on how often to go for more adjustment sessions to ensure that you do not get to experience the pain again.

Minor discomforts

Despite all the positive impacts of a chiropractic procedure, you may still experience some minor discomforts. Such include slight soreness in the subluxation area and dizziness. Such discomforts should not be of any major concern as they are usually very mild and temporary. In fact, they are good indicators that the spinal adjustment session was productive.

What to do after spinal adjustments


In most cases, you will have to engage in exercises as part of your rehabilitation after the procedure. The chiropractor will prescribe specific exercises for you to do, depending on your diagnosis. Most chiropractic clinics will have a rehabilitation centre where you can do the exercises with the help of professionals.


You may also be advised to adopt a new diet to help with the body’s self-healing process. This simply means that you have to eat healthy to remain healthy. If you are overweight, for example, you may have to avoid foods that cause body weight increase.

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