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Foot Care

Biomechanical inadequacies of our feet and legs leads to a host of problems such as foot pain, knee, hip and even back pain. These problems become worse when we stress our structure further with the use of stylish-looking but ill-fitting footwear.

Using proper footwear that provides firm support, comfort and protection will not only eliminate the pains in our joints and muscles but will prevent injuries and also improve joint mechanics.

Vasyli Key West slip-ons

  • Designed for males and females wearers.
  • Ideal for enhancing orthotic treatments.

The 1st MPJ drop zone has been incorporated into the plantar outsole of the Key West Sandals. This allows the softer density midsole to depress under load from the 1st MPJ. The drop zone is undetectable from the dorsal surface eliminating any look or feel of a modified footbed.

The 1st Ray Plantarflexor technology is biomechanically proven to facilitate 1st ray function, which in turn reduces plantar Hallux pressure, promoting a more efficient gait.

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