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Health Benefits from a Chiropractor

The Health and Wellness Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor

There are many health and wellness issues for which visiting a chiropractor may benefit you. A chiropractic approach to health is natural and non-invasive, focusing on the spine and nervous system within the body.


Chiropractic First provide a full chiropractic service from their clinics in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham, looking to get to the root of any health problem, rather than just treating the prevailing symptoms.

Pain Relief

Many people suffer with pain, especially lower back pain, often a result of modern sedentary lifestyles with hours sat down, whether at home or work. Rather than relying on medication, visiting a chiropractor can help relieve pain for conditions including lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches and frozen shoulder syndrome. This can also lead to better posture which may help prevent further problems resulting from misalignment. Although many people only associate a chiropractor with issues relating to the spine and neck, a qualified practice such as Chiropractic First can offer so much more.

Better Mobility

Apart from spinal alignment a chiropractor can also address joint issues. Indeed joint health is seen as key in assessing and optimising a full range of motion, and joint issues can often be linked back to the spine. For the knees, ankles, hips and shoulders patients may also be able to benefit from work centred on the soft tissue of the muscles, tendons and ligaments supporting the joints. Advice on exercises to perform at home may also be provided in order to help improve joint flexibility between treatment sessions. People from all walks of life, including top level athletes, are turning to chiropractors to help improve the quality of their everyday life and professional performance.

Medication Free

Chiropractic treatment does not involve use of any medication. It is a natural, holistic approach aimed at getting directly to the source of the problem. Medicines can of course be good, but they can also have side effects too. Visiting a chiropractor gives you the opportunity to try and get relief from pain and joint issues without taking any drugs. Patients will often be sore at first after a chiropractic session as the body responds to movements it may not have experienced in a while. However the benefits which this therapy can bring should offset any temporary soreness felt.

At Chiropractic First we can help with all your queries regarding the potential health and wellness benefits of chiropractic therapy.