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Healthy Children

A child’s health is vital to their wellbeing and enjoyment of life. As parents, one of the most important roles we have is to teach and encourage our children to be healthy from an early age.

A child’s spine is subjected to a range of stresses from birth. All births, particularly assisted deliveries, are stressful for a child’s body and can affect the baby’s developing spine and nervous system. Children’s bodies also grow and develop at a rapid rate. As they grow up they run, play, fall, tumble, and trip over countless times. It’s important to look after their developing bodies during childhood to give them the best start in life.

Your Child’s Developing Spine

Babies are born with a ‘C’ shaped spine. A curve in their neck develops as they gain control of their head movement, and the curve in their lower pack forms when they begin to sit up and crawl. During their first year a baby’s spine will increase 50% in size and continue to develop quickly until the age of five. From then on there is steady and continual growth. During adolescence, children go through a series of growth spurts, until they reach adulthood.

While a child’s spine and body is incredibly flexible and mobile, even minor stresses can impact the function of their spine, creating tension and subluxations. Read more about Children Scoliosis.

‘Subluxation’ is the term used for vertebrae and other bones or joints that are not moving well, are misaligned or causing interference to your nervous system. The nervous system controls everything your child does; from breathing and digesting to running, playing, thinking and feeling. Interference can impair your child’s ability to function at their best.

While subluxations can often reduce health without obvious symptoms, there are occasionally signs that indicate your child’s spine or nervous system may not be functioning at its best.

These include sleeping problems, colic and irritability, recurring ear aches and other infections, learning and attention difficulties, favouring one side of their neck, poor posture or limited joint movement.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

  • Improved coordination, strength and flexibility
  • Decreased occurrence of colds and flu
  • Being happier, healthier and resting more easily
  • Less spinal degeneration and problems in adulthood
  • Early detection and prevention of scoliosis
  • Stimulating brain activity and development
  • Increased emotional balance and feeling of general wellbeing

Have your child checked by a chiropractor on a regular basis to help with their nervous system function, reduce the impact of falls and other stresses, monitor for the development of children scoliosis, and to help them be healthy and happy in their lifestyles.