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Lynn’s testimonial

Lynn Chew

Lynn Chew

Diploma in Biomedical Sciences?Republic Polytechnic

In my last semester of Diploma in Biomedical Sciences at Republic Polytechnic, I was attached to Chiropractic First at Great World City for my internship. In these four months, I was able to experience a different working environment of being in a clinic compared to the lessons I had in schools whereby I will be working in the lab. It was definitely an eye opener of the working world where situations were real and I have to be alert at all times.

Being in the healthcare service line, communication and interaction with the patients were very important and was the most basic service standard. My communication skills had improved tremendously after meeting patients from all walks of life every day. I also learnt how to be interactive, for example by starting a friendly conversation with them so that they would be able to feel more comfortable in the clinic. As a patient care ambassador, I learnt how to attend to enquiries, scheduling of appointments, putting up of x-rays and uploading of x-rays photos and posture pictures into the system and understanding the workflow of the clinic. In relation to my field of study, I could apply my knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the spine and the importance of it.

I also undergone Boot Camp training which helped in training me to become a better patient care ambassador. It included topics such as introduction of the company, definition of health, its workflow in the clinic and more. One of the most interesting topics that caught my attention would be the biology of the spine which gave me additional information by a professional chiropractor which was related to what I am studying. This was where every patient care ambassador had the chance to get geared up to familiarise with clinic procedures.

My colleagues were my pillars. They were the ones who showed me the ropes and build my foundation in the clinic. They were patient and nice when they taught me and as time passed by, I felt comfortable around them. I do not hesitate when I have a question for them and would always ask for their help when needed. They were simply awesome!

I would recommend to other RP interns especially those who do not have experience of working in the clinic. It has a different feeling from being in a lab where I was able to meet new people and do things that could only be done in the clinic. Furthermore, chiropractic care is still not very well known in Singapore and one could observe what a chiropractor does and even spread the word on the effectiveness of getting an adjustment.

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