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Managing Lower Back Pain

Learning how to manage pain is vital for many of us. Though we often implement methods of strain and injury prevention into our lives, nagging pain can sometimes creep through.

One of the most common forms of unrelenting pain, being suffered by at least 80% of the adult population at one point in their lives, is lower back pain. Being caused by anything from bad posture to unaligned hips, there are luckily methods of soothing the pain until medical care can be accessed.

How to Minimise Lower Back Pain?

Stay Active

lower back pain


Despite every urge to lie in bed in a non-compromising position – this will only do more harm in the long-term. Continuing on with your daily routine is recommended given that you make adjustments to cater to your back pain.

Stretching and Exercises

Non-intensive workouts such as aerobic exercises, wall sits, and press up back extensions can all work towards strengthening your core, thus taking the brunt of strain and pressure off your lumbar area. Many yoga positions such as the bird dog can help decompress the lower back and build up muscle in a steady yet effective manner. Hamstring stretches are one of the most commonly recommended stretches to relieve back pain.

Cold Packs

If you have recently injured your back, a sure way of quelling and potential future pain is placing a cold pack onto the affected area within 24 to 48 hours after injury. A cold pack aids in reducing inflammation and calms the muscles of your lumbar area. The ice pack should only be applied at intervals of 5 to 10 minutes to avoid risk of further damage. Heat packs can also be implemented as they cause the muscles to relax, they do, on the other hand, lead to an inflammation in the inflammatory process.


Over-the-counter topical pain relievers can be bought in various forms such as cream, gel or spray depending on your needs. Counter-irritants disrupt pain signals to the brain by temporarily causing a change in temperature of the area.

Maintain Good Posture

Correct posture limits unnecessary strain by adequately distributing the pressure placed on your joints evenly throughout the body. Adjusting your desk chair at work to the recommended height relative to your desk, sitting correctly and avoiding slouching can all help to achieve great posture.

Going to a Chiropractor?

Booking an appointment with a professional chiropractor is recommended if pain persists. Chiropractic First is a reputable practice with trained and skilled chiropractors, based in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham, UK. Offering a wide range of physical therapies to help overcome whatever ailment you may have from headaches to slipped disks.