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Nutrition Supplements

Modern day agricultural, food manufacturing and cooking methods have taken away a huge percentage of important nutrients from our daily food intake. Current commercial farming methods often yield produce that are either nutrient deficient or genetically modified. Food processing and preservation leads to nutrient depletion in our food supply, making it difficult to obtain adequate nutrients from food alone.

Poor lifestyles such as improper diet, excessive exposure to pollution, irregular eating habits and etc also results in nutrient intake insufficiency. Dietary supplementation is thus necessary to ensure our bodies receive the required types and amounts of nourishment.

Our selection of nutrition supplements are hand-picked based on efficacy, naturalness and reliability the product to safely and effectively provide your body systems with the essential building blocks.

Source of Life Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Source of Life is an incredible nutritional breakthrough which emulates nature’s wholesome goodness with a powerful blend of nutrients. With its powerful, revitalising, energy-giving ingredients, Source of Life is no ordinary multi-vitamin.

Source of Life Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

And, with Source of Life, you will experience a “Burst of Energy” and “The Feeling of Nutritional Well-Being.” Source of Life has a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, lipids, bioflavonoids, enzymes, plant pigments, amino acids, nucleic acids and herbs.

Whole brown rice, spirulina, bee pollen, young barley leaves, sunflower oil, carrots and black currant seeds are other ingredients which offer the most health-giving, life-supporting nutrients. All these have been ingeniously combined in this formula to create powerful, synergistic effects that will result in a “Burst of Energy” you’ll want to experience every day!