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Choosing the right pillow is essential for achieving the factors that make a good rest – Support and comfort.

A pillow that provides good support is one that keeps your head, neck, shoulders and spine in their natural alignments, relieves pressure from your body and does not strain any part of your body when you rest on it. A pillow that provides comforts is one that feels good to the touch, helps you relax easily and allows you to fall asleep quickly and soundly.

Whether you’re a side-sleeper or tummy-sleeper, heavy-set or petite, our recommended range of pillows are designed to provide support and comfort for sleeping styles and body types.

Tempur Original Neck Pillow

Tempur Original Neck Pillow

The Tempur Original Pillow is the pinnacle of Tempurs innovation, demonstrating the unrivalled comfort and support available.

Tempur Original Pillow, available in three sizes, has been designed to support your head, neck and shoulders to properly align your spine and give you a perfect night’s sleep.

Not only has this unique pillow been clinically proven to reduce neck pain by providing a more therapeutic sleep posture, but it may also offer some relief for breathing problems and snoring

The Tempur Original Pillow comes encased in a hypoallergenic soft jersey cover, antimicrobial treated for improved freshness and removable for washing at 60 degrees, for a great night’s sleep, every night.