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How Long Does it Take for a Slipped Disc to Heal?

slipped disc

While a slipped disc is the term that is most commonly used, it actually refers to either a herniated disc or a bulging disc. This occurs when there is either a tear in the disc or inner disc material leaks out into the spinal canal. As well as being an incredibly painful injury it can also take a long time to heal if you do not follow the correct healing procedure. Although it is something that is inconvenient to every day life, it can be treated. The recovery time that it takes to heal will depend on the patients overall health and it is worth remembering if people with a slipped disc try and get back to their day to day life before they are ready it can take a lot longer to heal.

What is the treatment for a slipped disc?

Treatment for a slipped can range from letting it heal on its own to having surgery. While surgery may seem like a drastic option some people genuinely need it to overcome the problem, especially if it is recurring. A slipped disc can usually heal on it’s own with some rest and relaxation. If the patient works in a job where they need to lift or do anything manually then they will need to either get their doctor to sign them off of work or at least any manual duties that are involved in their job.

How long for a slipped disc to heal?

Healing of a slipped disc can take weeks or months depending on how bad it is or how healthy the person is. If they try and rush back into work or rush back into doing anything in their day to day life that is manual like exercising this will be likely to make the recovery time longer.

Slipped disc recovery for most people can be a matter of weeks and to get fully back on their feet. If a slipped disc is recurring or it is taking longer than a few months the heal then the patient may need to have surgery. If surgery is something that is deemed necessary this can also have a long recovery time. Repeated slipped discs or a long recovery time are usually the biggest indicators to Doctors that surgery is going to be the only option that ensures a full recovery and no recurring symptoms. Because the recovery time can be weeks or months the patient will need to discuss this with their place of work. Symptoms can often be managed with pain relief medication until a window opens up whereby they can dedicate their full time to recovery. The biggest issue that causes complications from slipped discs are not letting the healing process be fully completed, so it is in everyone’s interests for the person undergoing surgery or letting a slipped disc heal to rest as much as possible.