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View what our patients have to say about Spinal Decompression and how it has helped to relieve their pain and changed their lives.

This video includes several patient testimonials and their successful treatments with Hill DT Decompression Therapy Table by Hill Laboratories.

I developed pain in the lumbar portion of my spine. I felt numbness on my left leg. I couldn’t sit, stand and walk. On the eve of my scheduled surgery, the hospital could not find anything wrong with me after I underwent just a few sessions of Spinal Decompression. If I was not told about it I would probably have been operated upon and had implants added to my body. But now, I’m ok. I feel happy.

– Lee Sek Hai, Sebastian

I had spine problem, bone degeneration and scoliosis. The pain didn’t go off permanently. I’m just like a grandma, slanting 45 degrees after I had given birth to my twins. After a few sessions on Spinal Decompression, I realize there is dramatic improvement! At least, I can stand upright now.

– Jenny Koh

I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks, not even take a bath or wear my own clothes. I had to use 2 clutches to support my body. After 3 weeks of treatment, I can bathe and wear clothes while I’m standing. I would recommend Spinal Decompression as an alternative, risk-free treatment than surgery.

– Sulaiman Huzir