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In Video: The Back Friendly Way of Carrying a Car Seat

A look at Dr Emily Puente’s viral video on the proper, back friendly, carriage of a baby’s car seat

Car seat and back care image by Tatyana Vyc (via Shutterstock).

A car seat with a newborn baby in tow can take a lot of strain on your back. Even for short walks from the garage or drive to your home. Image by Tatyana Vyc (via Shutterstock).

If you have a newborn child, the way you carry your child’s car seat is taken for granted. You think the way you have carried him or her to and from the car is the right way. Well, prepare to be surprised. Thanks to a video by Dr Emily Puente, a chiropractor for Bridge Family Chiropractic, has a more back-friendly way of carrying your child’s car seat.

The video, shared on the chiropractic clinic’s Facebook page and blog, was posted on the 28 April this year. Gradually, the video went viral; it was shared on the Metro website, and has been seen by over five million people. We at Chiropractic First have before your very eyes, the viral video, showing Dr Puente’s back friendly method.

She also added that her method might not work on every car seat model. This followed a message from a reader, who said she suffered severe discomfort from her method.

Would you try this method?

Tell us what you think of Emily’s clip. Have you tried it and has it helped you to carry your child to the house or car? Did it work for your back or not? Feel free to talk to us.

Chiropractor First, 12 July 2017.