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What Is A Wellness Chiropractor

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What Is A Wellness Chiropractor?

A wellness chiropractor is a practitioner who treats the body with a holistic approach. The Mind, body, and spirit are very closely connected, so treating them as a whole improves healing.Any tension or pain in the body can be a direct result of anxiety. Optimising the connection between mind and nervous system can in many cases ease pain and improve functionality of the spine.

Why is a wellness chiropractor different from a regular practitioner?

All chiropractors promote wellness, but some practices are more focused on lifestyle than others. Having a lifestyle plan you can take away with you and put into action can be of huge benefit.

This may include diet, exercise and recommended practices such as meditation and yoga. Everyone is different and the plan will be tailored to suit you.

When should I see a chiropractor?

You don’t need to wait until you have symptoms before seeing a practitioner. Even a slight subluxation can cause misalignment of the spine.

Addressing any minor issues can prevent problems occurring in the first place. These are issues you may not even be aware of, but if ignored can develop into painful symptoms.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit you’ll be asked questions about your general health and any medication you’re taking. The chiropractor will examine you, asking you to bend so he or she can feel for any misalignment in your spine.

A plan of treatment will be worked out to suit your specific needs. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how fit you are, regular visits to asses overall wellness can stop any problems that may already be developing.

How an adjustment can affect your overall well being

If you’re in pain or discomfort it can affect you both mentally and physically. If you’re stressed your muscles become tense and taught.

The pain makes you more stressed and it becomes a vicious circle of pain and anxiety. Tension can cause subluxation, pushing your spine out of alignment.

The result can be a painful stiff neck or sore back. Even migraines can be helped by manipulation and adjustment.

How often should I visit a chiropractor?

The time between visits depends on your lifestyle and overall well being. Sitting at a desk all day, or even driving can cause tension and stiffness.

Ideally, maintenance visits every few months is the best idea. Minor strains will heal faster, and you’ll be far more supple. If your body is tense you’re much more susceptible to injury.

Regular visits helps keep your body and mind well balanced. You’ll feel better in yourself, and this will reflect in your overall physical health.

Why should you choose Chiropractic First? Our team of qualified practitioners are dedicated in helping you achieve wellness through holistic, drug free solutions.