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What Is Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

Sacroiliac Joint (SI joint) pain is a disorder that affects your sacroiliac joints that are located between the sacrum, which is the base of the spine and pelvis. In humans, the Ilium bones of the pelvis on each side of the body support the sacrum, which, in turn, supports the rest of the spine.

Humans have two SI joints on each side of the pelvis, which are filled with fluid. Their main function is to absorb the shock caused by walking and lifting. You can locate the SI joints from the back between the two dimples above the pelvic bones.

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What Causes Sacroiliac Joint Inflammation?

The Si Joints contains free nerve endings. If the joint does not move properly or is degenerative, the nerve ending can cause great pain. The SI Joint can be damaged by:

  • Car accidents
  • Falls
  • Work-related injuries especially if there is heavy lifting
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Hip or spine surgeries like laminectomy and lumbar fusion
  • Imbalanced movement on both sides of the pelvis caused by a short or weaker leg
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases like axial spondyloarthritis

Symptoms of Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The pain is usually one-sided, leaning on the affected side but it can also occur on both sides. Symptoms manifest in several ways, including:

  • Pain in the lower back and buttocks, extending to the upper thigh, lower hip and groin area
  • Numbness, tingling or a feeling of weakness in the leg
  • Feeling pain while walking, climbing, standing, sitting or sleeping, or when transitioning from one of these movements to another.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A medical exam such as an X-ray, CT or MRI is carried out to help determine whether the SI joint is the source of pain. The doctor also performs specific physical tests after taking into account your medical history.

There are several available treatment options for patients with Sacroiliac Joint pain. These include joint injections, nerve ablations and surgery. An operation is only considered an option after all other measures have failed.

Is chiropractic care beneficial to SI Joint Pain?

Physical therapy and more, which is offered by chiropractic practitioners, helps a lot to manage, reduce the pain and prevent further damage to your SI joints. As part of ongoing treatment, many doctors recommend patients to consult chiropractic caregiver professionals.

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