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What Is Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a painless, non-surgical therapy aimed at relieving back pain and other problems associated with spinal disc injuries.

Using the most advanced US technology, it involves slowly and gently lengthening and pumping the vertebral disc of the spine through repetitive movements by a highly specialised decompression table. The oscillatory motions can be customised to target troubled spots and creates a negative pressure change within the invertebral disc.

Damaged intervertebral discs seldom heal as the discs are constantly under pressure. Decompression allows the disc bulges and nutrients to be drawn back into the centre of the disc. This not only helps to relieve the compression at the nerve root, it also speeds up your body’s natural healing process.

Spinal decompression

Unlike conventional traction methods that pull the spine, resulting in painful and muscular spasm reactions, the new technology is able to target specific areas and bypass the muscular reflex mechanism. This improves the effectiveness of the treatment significantly and prevents unnecessary post-treatment muscle spasm and aches.

Based on studies, patients typically experience significant improvement within 20-25 treatments.

Why the Hill DT Decompression Therapy Table?

Why should you choose the Hill DT Spinal Decompression Therapy Table over any other? Hill DT Solutions mastermind team of Dr. Timothy Burkhart, D.C., Dr. Randy B. Reed D.C., C.C.S.P., Thomas J. Korsh, R.R.T., D.C. and Dr. Donald Geisler, D.C. go in-depth and personal of why they chose the Hill DT for their practices. The Hill DT Decompression Table is manufactured by Hill Laboratories Company with Sales, Training and Certification by Hill DT Solutions LLC.