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Why Chiropractic First

We build strong teams

The teams at Chiropractic First are built from people of diverse strength, capabilities, talents and dreams yet we are united in our mission, vision, purpose and core values. We choose to come together as one united team. We are purpose driven, highly principled and grounded with integrity. That is why our team has such great synergies and energy.

We help you achieve and fast track and stretch your capabilities

Your success is our success. We endeavour to be the leader in our profession. Hence, we are committed to equip all our members with the highest level of competence and outstanding skill mastery. Through our structured training, learning programs and performance based coaching, fast track and advance your personal and professional growth beyond any of your peers.

We care about you and your family

At Chiropractic First, once you are inducted, you are family. We create a loving, caring workplace. We huddle and grow both in times of trials and celebration. Our team members receive regular chiropractic adjustments for free and we provide subsidised chiropractic care for their families.

We enjoy learning with our people

We know that nobody is infallible; hence we provide our people room to learn and improve when they make mistakes. In addition, we also practice putting our position levels and egos aside to ask questions. We believe that questions identify potential and answers promote growth.

We provide sustainable rewards

We are a living, growing and learning organisation of people for the people. Continuous growth is our key value. We create a learning environment where structured feedback and creative sessions are common practices. In addition, we also practice putting out position levels and egos aside to ask questions. We talk the talk. Ego and status are put aside during meetings. We dare to challenge our comfort zone.

We give equal opportunities

We recognise competence, passion, hard work, attitude, loyalty and dedication. Every one has the opportunity to reach the sky in our organisation.